Making Hiring Better.

We believe that hiring should be better, and we help Pharma & Biotech companies involved in drug discovery and R&D to engage, attract and secure great science and technology professionals.

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We help build careers and companies.

As such, we have a responsibility to do the absolute best job that we can. What’s at stake is too important for us to think short term or cut corners – as soon as we do, someone’s career or the business they’ve put their heart and soul into building will suffer.

It’s about people.

It’s easy to forget in recruitment that behind that CV or that job description, there’s a person, with their own pressures, fears, insecurities and passions. We’re in the people business and so it’s essential that we treat everyone we engage with respectfully, compassionately and with a view to help.

We create fans.

In every interaction – in person, on the phone, over email, whatever the medium – we want to leave a lasting positive impression that the other party is dying to talk about. Our reputation is essential to the success of our business, so we constantly seek to impress and create a fanbase, not just a customer base.

Making Hiring Better

We believe that hiring should be better.

Remember that first time you hired someone? How exciting it was, and the milestone in your career it represented?

Somewhere along the way, that excitement got lost. We think we can do better. We can make building your team, division or company better.

Building Talent Communities

Making Hiring Better isn’t restricted to employers. 

Our Talent Communities won’t just provide you with job opportunities, but advice, coaching and support to make sure you get what you want from your career.

Work with Us

When people come to work at Singular Talent, it’s not about turning up, tuning out and clocking off – this isn’t the place for that. However, for those who want to build a successful career, work with (and on) the most cutting edge technology, create fans, help build careers and companies, and Make Hiring Better, Singular Talent offers a unique path to doing just that. To learn what it’s like to be part of the Singular Talent team, come and see what we’re about.

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