You’ve made an application to a job you thought looked like the perfect fit and……nothing. You keep checking your email to make sure you haven’t missed the interview request, you’re looking in your junk folder – no luck.

You were sure this one would be the one. Now what do you do?

Well, the reality is, if you’ve applied for a job at a big company with an Applicant Tracking System and no names on the job postings, you might be a little stuck.

If however it’s a smaller business, you may have a few cards to play.

There’s nothing wrong with following up if you’re still waiting for feedback after a couple of weeks, as long as you do it in the right way. People are busy, and inboxes get clogged – there’s every chance that the hiring manager was intending to come back to you but hasn’t had the opportunity. Recruiting is time consuming and when added to the “day job”, it’s a task that often gets put off.

The easiest way to follow up is to get on LinkedIn, take a look at the company, and see if you can find someone you think is likely to be the hiring manager, or if you have any connections there. If you do, send them a note asking for their advice on how to follow up, or a connection request explaining that you’ve applied for a job with them and would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss any feedback they have.

One more chase a few days later is fine, but if they still don’t respond, it’s time to move on – chances are they’re just not that into you.

Don’t take a lack of initial response as a rejection – life gets in the way, so give your future employer a gentle nudge.

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