If you’re running a start-up or early stage company, hiring can be particularly difficult. Usually, you’ll use your own networks to start with, but when you have to go outside of this, the challenges can be significant. Most people are relatively risk-averse, and you don’t have the brand recognition or budget of your larger competitors – so how do you punch above your weight?

There are four things you can do to help you hire great talent.

  1. Lead with your mission and vision. The likelihood is that you started the company for a particular reason, so tell people about it. Paint a compelling picture of the future and link it to the role you’re hiring for, so candidates get excited about the destination.
  2. Use your best or most passionate storyteller. This is often the CEO, but not always – whoever it is, make sure they’re involved in the interview process early. Passion is infectious and will go a long way to engaging potential hires.
  3. Be open about your funding situation and financial plans. This is the biggest concern that most people have about early stage companies, so face it head on. It’s normal to have a short runway at the start of your life as a business, but if you have a plan, that will reassure people.
  4. Hire based on values, with skills a secondary concern. You can teach skills, but finding people with values that align with yours will have a compounding effect on your culture and reduce friction.

Early-stage companies aren’t for everyone, but if you implement these steps you’ll both reassure and excite the people that you interview, helping secure the best talent.

About Tom Froggatt

Singular Talent is led by our Director, Tom Froggatt, a highly experienced Life Sciences Recruitment and Executive Search consultant, with a strong track record of building teams, developing talent and creating outstanding hiring experiences.

With over 250 personal placements to his name, 1500+ assignments successfully delivered by his teams and a strong track record of both developing new business and moulding highly competent recruitment consultants and leaders, Tom is dedicated to Making Hiring Better by supporting the careers and helping build the companies of those we work with.


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