It’s not enough in today’s job market to just have a vacancy and expect people to apply – candidates are looking for purpose from their work, both in terms of the purpose of the job itself, and the purpose of the company.

It’s extremely important to start your search by defining why the job exists. What impact will this person have? What will they be contributing to and what value will they be adding? This gives you the basis of how to sell the opportunity, as well as clarity on what you’re looking for.

Of course, if you haven’t defined your organisation’s purpose, this could be challenging, so making sure you tick that box first is crucial. Candidates aren’t interested these days in joining companies that exist solely to make money, so spending some time defining why your business exists beyond the financial will help in your hiring, and in other areas.

The likelihood is that from this purpose, you’ll start to define a set of values, and here’s where your hiring will really be impacted – a strong “why” along with a defined value proposition will help you with both the story you tell to attract great people, and will help clarify the kind of people you need to hire.

Once all this is in place, you can start getting more from your interview process. A first round interview should really be focused around determining whether a candidate fits with the values of your company (notice that this is different from culture fit), with technical skills a secondary concern.

You can teach skills, but molding values is more challenging, so hiring based on “values fit” will create a much stronger organisation and have a compounding effect on your business’ culture.

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