Making Hiring Better.

We believe that hiring should be better, and we help Pharma & Biotech companies involved in drug discovery and R&D to engage, attract and secure great science and technology professionals.

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We believe hiring should be better.

Remember that first time you hired someone? How exciting and filled with possibility it was?

Somewhere along the way, that got lost.

We think we can do better. We can make building your company, division or team exciting again.

We started Singular Talent to Make Hiring Better for Pharma & Biotech companies involved in Drug Discovery and R&D.


Our Talent Communities give us a unique platform to add real, long-term value to candidates, creating deep connections and an eager audience.


We help you to craft a compelling proposition for your company and role, so you stand out from the noise and grab the attention of the industry’s best talent.


Over many years and thousands of placements, we’ve refined our approach to ensure that your search ends with a successful hire.

Building Talent Communities

By offering a personalised service to each candidate, we build lasting relationships that shape careers and companies.

Key results we generate for our clients

We’ve developed effective methods over many years of practice which allow us to achieve significant results for any company in the industry, regardless of size or past hiring performance.

Increasing Response Rate

A 100% increase in response rate from qualified prospects for each search, resulting in greater choice of candidates and quicker turnaround from requirement to interview.

Decreasing Attrition

A decrease in the rate of attrition through hiring processes to less than 10%, minimising the amount of time you waste on assessing candidates who aren’t serious about a move.

Securing Your First Choice

A 96% offer acceptance rate, so you hire your preferred candidate practically every time.

Enhancing Your Reputation

Enhanced reputation and employer brand recognition, increasing your appeal in the market with every search you conduct.

Hiring Better People

Ultimately, we’ll help you hire better people who stay with your company and perform, increasing your productivity, contributing to your culture and driving your success.

Making Hiring Better

It means a lot to us.

We love talking all things recruitment, culture and careers so get in touch and come Make Hiring Better with us.

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