Phone interviews are an extremely common part of hiring today – in fact, most of the searches we run involve a phone interview as a first step.

Whilst they often aren’t as in-depth or testing as a face-to-face interview in terms of the questions themselves, phone interviews do have certain quirks that can make them challenging.

With that in mind, here are our top phone interview tips:

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place with good reception. This might seem obvious, but get rid of the kids, dog, roomates, or whoever, and make sure you’ve tested the reception.
  • Have your CV and preparation notes in front of you. This is an advantage of phone interviews – the interviewer can’t see you, so you can use any reference materials that are relevant.
  • Despite this, don’t have your laptop open, tablet nearby or TV on – the temptation to be distracted is too great, and it’s essential that you focus on the interview!
  • Be concise. There’s a temptation to keep talking because you can’t see the body language and reaction on the other end of the phone, but if you’ve answered the question, stop talking.
  • At the same time, wait until the interviewer has finished speaking before answering the question. No one likes being interrupted.
  • Don’t chew gum, smoke or eat – they’ll definitely be able to tell, and it won’t come over as professional.

A phone interview is usually short and focused, so etiquette has a big part to play. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be invited for the face-to-face before you know it!

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