According to research completed by LinkedIn last year, at any point in time, roughly 30% of potential candidates in a given market are actively looking for a job, leaving 70% who are passive – this group aren’t spending time on job boards or actively speaking to recruitment agencies. However, LinkedIn found that 87% of people would be open to hearing about opportunities if they were approached in the right way.

These are people who need to be wooed – they may be great, and an excellent addition to your team, but it often takes some work to secure them. Passive candidates are, by definition, more or less happy where they are, so it’s important to sell your opportunity in a way that shows them that the grass is greener on your side of the fence.

If you’re not spending part of your interviews selling, then you’re missing out – it’s our opinion that EVERY candidate should leave an interview wanting to work for your company. That way, you’ll be able to pick and choose who you want, rather than getting into a bidding war for the most in-demand candidates.

The key to effectively selling an opportunity is to spend some time beforehand thinking about things from the candidate’s point of view, and specifically asking yourself the question, “How will working for us in this role improve someone’s career or even their life?”

List as many answers as you can – everyone’s motivated by different things.

To give you somewhere to start, we’ve found through our in-house research that the three most common reasons for scientists in drug discovery to move jobs are, in order: better Career Progression, more cutting edge or interesting science, and opportunities for Learning & Development.

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