The summer holidays have long been considered a quiet period for recruitment, with travel plans disrupting the slickest hiring processes and many hires being “put off” until normal service is resumed.

Recently, the UK also seems to be taking more of a lead from Europe in their approach to August – in the same way that no-one seems to work on a Friday anymore, during August it’s challenging to find people even remotely putting in a shift.

In our opinion, though, the summer has always been a great time to kick off a hiring campaign, for two key reasons.

Firstly, candidates go on holiday, get away from work, and reflect on what’s important to them. Having time with family or just to themselves allows people to break their usual routine, and sometimes that means realizing that it might just be time for a change.

If your advert or approaches catches the right person during one of these reflective periods, you just might get some positive attention from a prospective hire you normally would have missed.

Secondly, you can steal a march on your competition while they’re on a beach somewhere or putting their feet up. September, October and November are the busiest months for us in the recruitment world every year without fail – if you can wrap up some of your hiring before your competitors get theirs up and running, you may find yourself more easily able to secure great candidate’s who’d be highly in demand when the new school year rolls around.

So, if you’re looking at the gaps in your organisation and you know that some of those priority ones are likely to be tough to fill, do yourself a favour and make the most of the summer – you’ll be glad of it by the time Christmas comes along.

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