There’s a very good chance that your job adverts are terrible. Most are.

In fact, they aren’t even adverts – they’re more accurately described as “announcements” or “demands”.

There are lots of little things that you, as an employer or recruiter can do to improve your job advertising, but the biggest change you can make is a change of perspective.

Stop thinking about what the job means to you, and start thinking about why the people you want to hire should care about your company and role.

I did a very unscientific piece of research this morning by scrolling through LinkedIn and checking the first ten job ads, posts, or pieces of direct recruitment copy I saw. The use of the words, “we”, “our” and “us” outweighed the use of the words “you”, “your” and “yours” ten to one, not counting sentences like “you will be an expert in such and such an area”, or “if you want to work in a great time of highly motivated individuals” – these are still about what the company are looking for or what they think about themselves.

The purpose of a job advertisement is to attract as many qualified candidates as possible. Not to filter candidates, or assess them, or tell them how great you are, but to attract them.

You can filter under-qualified or irrelevant responses later, but for now, focus on first catching the attention of your audience, and second building interest through the ad.

Spend some time thinking about why a potential candidate would want to work for your company, what you can offer them in terms of support, development and culture, and what they’ll get from the work they’ll do for you, then focus your advertising around these points.

Start focusing on the candidate, instead of your company or client, and you’ll see incredible results.

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